10 things I can do for not annoying people

  1. Don’t overuse technical jargon.
  2. My line of thinking might be driven by logic but normally humans are equipped with emotions.
  3. Help someone when they need it, don’t satisfy own genius by sticking out my nose in business of other people.
  4. Pulled a good joke, even good things have to stop.
  5. Always remember no matter how cool, girls are girls. They don’t have testosterone.
  6. It is good to bow down to someone’s wish every now and then.
  7. A story does not always need a nasty narrative to make it believable.
  8. Never make a relation that thrives upon the services provided, I will be thrown out as soon as a replacement is found.
  9. Don’t explain, right after hurting someone. Let them heel first.
  10. Say sorry sincerely.

I the IT Guy, nibbles that remained untold

Forgive me, I am prone to semicolon overuse;
Forgive me, I deliver against the order of nature;

My wife, please don’t mind me on the night when I come early, but yet experience insomnia till 3 in the morning;
My girl in office, you also please don’t mind me on the day, when  I come to office in my overnight hood;

It shouldn’t be an issue if I am addict to nicotine and caffeine;
It shouldn’t be an issue if I don’t  live, I just exist as a machine;

Don’t get surprised if you see me as a mess;
Don’t get surprised if I don’t have a policy to save tax;

You always wonder why I am not available on my phone;
I always wonder why always “I am stating my name after the tone”;

After all this is me I the IT guy;
No matter how hard I try;
Old habits cease to die.