Treacherous Heart

You made my clocks go slow, and then the time stood still.

I stood there at the gateway stunned, like a stone face carved with thousands of emotions.

The moments when everything in this world was fading against you the brightest of em’all.

I was once again on the path of all those memories, but the movement of those lids bring reality to front.

Perished as I stand, still holding my hope which is cursed to an infinite life.

Who is to fault; you, me, or this treacherous heart?


The Wait for You (Courtesy: Arun Mehta)

Pacified and with trust at heart, he waited, for her, the pivot of his Social Network.

Her unavailability at one turns him catatonic at times, but the green light at other brings back his life.

Wait takes a toll man gets wearied out, but her girl’s entry, compels him for a joyful shout.

When mood is set there are technical glitches, server hung ups are definitely modern day bitches.

Not only the heart is warm but also the climate is hot, but the mother of all troubles TIME, is short.

Server getting fine he considers it as a boon, but his EQ got a boil because time is opposite to noon,

they have a desire to share but pity at their fate, because girl’s time frame says its too late.

After the customary good night, girl says bye, but the boy here decides, tomorrow he”ll give another try.

Now he thinks this love is like a hoop, but what I say the wait for it, indeed is an endless loop.

Original By: Arun Mehta

Intro to dark…….

HI I am Ishaan Arora,currently. I used to be Ishaan Arora in the past too but then some darkness surrounded me,it was so powerful that it overpowered my identity and created a insane example what a whole lot of people know as DESI.So its all about him and me.How I met him? How our bond grew stronger? and all that stuff…………I just wanna conclude my first post by saying ,”Yes he was a victorious person,but his every victory means some huge loss to me.”