Well, its been too long since I posted my blog. Ahaan, I was in Trivandrum for about 3 months, from November, 2010  to January, 2011. At first I thought  and realized that moving from Noida to Trivandrum was the biggest mistake of my life, as no freedom of speech at the new company was choking me to death. 

But as time moved on, the whole Kerela phase turned out to be a nice experience. Initial Learning Program (ILP) as my employer, Asia’s Largest IT Consultancy has named is really an awesome program to incorporate learning. Well for me I learnt two seperate things, J2EE(Big brother of Core Java*) a technology I always ignored during my well-earned B.Tech degree because earlier I always considered myself unfit for Java, and I discovered a hidden side of my behavior that helped me to make new friends and regain lost ones.

I will try to write about every single trip I had and every single party that was held in room number 306 of Aruvi Tourist home, in the upcoming posts. I hope this time my blogging will not discontinue, because as per the custom of my employer, I am the part of biggest team(Bench Strength), who have plenty of time to write 15 blogs in a day. 

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Indian Army

*SORRY for Technical Jargon, but I hope these are well-known terms, else Java