The Unholy Revelation 1

Thy shall not dig the past of others, they put a lot of efforts to bury it in the first place.

–Virla Desi 1.1

Thy haveth a mother, I had something other, so is to, am gathering all the crap thrown at me.

–Virla Desi 1.2

Don’t thy be nice to me, I am too fragile to face the aftermath.

–Virla Desi 1.3

I am not among the riches unlike some, waiting for me stars to shine, it may or may not happen; until then accept a plea, try not to treat my dignity as an object thy can enjoy playing with.

–Virla Desi 1.4

It may have happened a long ago during the early pupillage, but a passer by still feels the smell of fresh blood dripping on that mosaic slab, coming through the ajar window of those hoary ruins.

–Virla Desi 1.5

O, the fetus of my unborn brother, I envy you in my dreams, as thy never faced the wrath, I endured.

–Virla Desi 1.6


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