The Tasteless Tale of an Emotionless Dumbass

People often suggested or better I can say passed their judgement, about the lack of emotional quotient in me.

During the prime era of being a college student, I decoded the aforementioned statement as I am cooler than others, but during the penultimate semester I realized that being cool is an emotion too. So I am as cool as the δx or δy, both of them are used to represent infinitesimally small amounts, apparently.

I brought another alternate to fight the demons of being an in-emotional  being, which was “I am in Control”, and it was a solid addition to the arsenal. But sometimes it was needed to lose the control to get hold on the situation. Simply to say use the manly ego before the calmness of a saint (read turncoat).

With time the diplomacy which was a weapon of choice and produced pretty accurate shots, was off target. Getting caught sometimes and using the torrent of words to come out, which would have seemed to work forever, was not exactly as promising trick as it promised to be. The words became whirlpool at some instances and gulped their master.

The situations are hardest when the game of case taking turns to something personal. An emo can easily say “Go Fuck Yourself” and feel better, but the situation is not so easy for a stolid. He can’t hurl insults, he can’t use the silent treatment because usage of these tricks will make him an emo too, which is a bigger insult for him. He/She will prefer being a bastard.

What I will do is, that I conspire, I make plans, I be patient, I lay low, and wait for the right moment to explode when the stakes are high, so is the vulnerability of the target. The method seems to be adopted from a movie which feature Mosad or KGB or Forth Reigh, but lets get it straight it does not work. As life is too complicated to remember the petty nuisances, plus as a stoic you don’t have the fuel of emotions to pump up your rage. Soon you forget but the emo on the other end treats those words of insult as an achievement, and makes a picture of you being a dumbass (who does not know how and when to react).

Next time when you hear somebody calling you very practical or stoic; Please Please listen Emotionless Dumbass.



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