State of M!nD

Confused to an extent, has doubt on the existence of self.

Messed up to a limit, plans are the thing of past.

Unoccupied to that boundary, where even sun and thoughts don’t go.

Lost so much, can’t recall any skill to survive.

Hungry like a beggar, who can eat anything and everything but still will starve.

Weak weaker weakest, every segment of this chain is equally vulnerable.

Hopeless, tomorrow will never come.

Want, need, like, seek, not the verbs that occur in dictionary.

Goals, they are at two places either in ball games or in life, don’t play football, and what is life.

Songs they only make sense if it’s extracted from them, you can’t extract something that you don’t recognize.

Darkness, is it something different from enlightenment.

Is That Me???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????



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