What is Success

Success: The favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.
The definition given above is from a popular online dictionary, but what actually is success? I have seen some forms of success, which are:

For a three month old, holding the finger that is pointed towards him/her is success.

For a six month old, crawling toward the toy which accidentally got away from his/her hand is success.

For a one year old, taking his first steps and making to the open awaiting arms of his/her mama is success.

For his/her daddy, capturing this moment into his camera is success.

For his/her granny announcing this incident to anybody and everybody is success.

For a two year old, telling his/her mama that he/she needs to pee or stool, and not relieving in his/her diapers is success.

For a three year old writing  A to Z and 1 to 10 is success.

For his/her teacher making him/her sit in the class, without a cry is success.

For a five year old sharpening his/her own pencils is success.

For a seven year old, riding his/her bicycle without support wheels is success.

For a nine year old, making a messed up artifact in summer camp is success.

For the mother of a 12 year old girl, explaining her daughter about menstrual cycle is success.

For 14 year old schoolboys winning a friendly cricket match against the other section is success.

For a 15 year old girl ignoring the boys of her class which she used to be friends with, only because she knows that now she has become a teenage beauty, is success.

For a 15 year old boy, announcing that he has a crush on the aforementioned girl and none of his friends will stare at that girl, is success.

For a 16 year old girl, getting rid of a pimple is success.

For a 16 year old boy, getting a bike from his daddy is success.

For a 17 year old girl, 6 boys followed her scooty to physics tuition is success.

For a 17 year old boy, even if he didn’t understand a single word in chemistry coaching class, but the hottest girl of the batch was sitting next to him on that day, is success.

For a 18 year old college freshman, being ragged less than his/her mates is success.

For a 19 year old 2nd year girl, changing her look completely just because she is a senior now and wants to get noticed, is success.

For a 20 year old boy, proposing the girl he likes in the middle of a crowded jam session of their college fest is success.

For the same girl, saying no, and yet making an impression that she is a good friend of that boy, is success.

For the friend’s of this boy, making their friend drink till the next dusk, and promising him that they will find a new girl for him is success.

For a 21 year old not taking part in an activity, but getting a winner certificate with the help of his/her friends is success.

For a 22 year old, getting his/her first campus placement is success.

For a performer, listening to the chants of his name from the whole crowd, on his last performance, even before it is started is success.

For a 22 year old, before leaving the college saying sorry to most of the people for his/her misdeeds, is success.

For 22 year olds, clicking maximum number of pictures on farewell party and posting them quickly on their social network accounts is success.

For all the juniors of a super senior, getting a booze party from him is success.

For a pass out making a guess on date of joining on which at least 2 people agree to him, is success.

For a first time joiner, after the joining comes booking cheapest flight tickets is success.

For co-joiners making someone else realize that they have missed some important document, which they have brought is success.

For me I am still finding out what is success, I will update this post when I will turn 23, and then 24, and as my life will continue riding the ladder of age, I will update.

David Frost once said: Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.


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