All the characters described in this post are fictitious but yet after reading the remainder of this post, the reader may find a striking resemblance between reality and the concept described below.

Plot: It is an extract of the conversation between two Indian teens aged 14, one is the grandson of an elite Indian politician and the other is a lad of a Subedar(Sargent) in Indian Army. The topic of  their colloquy is the world renown Kashmir problem that exists between India and Pakistan. This is how they concluded their discussion.

Politician’s kid:

” Janaab, dosti saza hai, ab toh dushmani me hi maza hai;

Kashmir pe har Hindustani ka haq hai, isme naa koi shuda nahi shaq hai”

Army-person’s kid:

“Garr dosti saza hai, toh isime maza hai;

Jo hoti ye dosti Hind Pak ke darmiyan, to is saza ko seh kar bhi hum khush hote;

Kyunki phir mere pita toh ghar hote.”


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