Grilling Elaborated

In continuation to my previous post entitled Power of Rejection, I am presenting here the embellished and garnished version of my encounter with the allocations girl who was and is a management rookie by designation. The whole conversation went on the same track, I predicted it would go. There are three main characters in the story, Me, the allocations girl (MTA), and her supervisor(SA).

At 11 I went inside the allocations room, interrogated about the whereabouts of  MTA, and bang I was there at her desk.

Me: Hi, you called me yesterday and asked me to report at 11.

MTA: What’s your name, are you  a trainee ?

Me: Ishaan Arora, Trainee.

MTA: Ok, come back after one hour, I have a meeting now.

When I left the room there were two thoughts in my mind, why on this already polluted and corrupted planet did she call me at 11 when she had a predefined appointment; and Who made the photoshop,because in her FB profile she was looking cute and in reality she was nowhere near to a suave persona. So after one hour:

Me: Hi.

MTA: Can I know why you rejected yesterday’s project?

Me: I don’t wanna be in that particular typo stuff. I wanna code, I left a job where my office was at a distance of 2 KM from my home, and I used to get annually INR 1,00,000 more  than my current salary. I grasped J2EE in a month and implemented a dummy using it during my training days, about which I didn’t know a bit before. It is just because of my love for coding I said no to my previous job.

MTA: This is not the way we work in here, even when I joined I wanted a recruiter position, but I am here(stuck) in allocations for two years. We should take up every opportunity and prove ourselves in that, then we will be worthy of demanding for the work that we would like to do. So, I want you to go and report to the manager you met yesterday, and embrace the rejected thing.

Me: Sorry I understand but I can’t take up this particular typo, I will accept coding in any form, and in any shift.

She hung her gloves and redirected me to her supervisor, who looks like a Zombie in broad daylight.

Same questions were asked and same answers were used to counter them.

SA: If you don’t report to that manager today, we will put you on hold i.e. Forced Leave, No Salary.

Me: I want coding, I can wait for it.

SA: We can’t, we don’t have any coding stuff. Either accept this or go on leave.

Me: Gimme some time to think over it, I will revert on Monday.

SA: You have time till 4 o’clock today, go now and report to me then.

Me: OK, …..sigh sigh sigh sigh…., I don’t wanna be a part of this thing.I will come everyday and mark my attendance here.

Then she made a call to an HR, explaining all the stuff and saying that 4-5 people are saying no to a project because it is of a particular type, and then she discussed something in Tamil. What I couldn’t figure out that why she was boiled up while speaking in English and why the temper converted into a laugh when she switched to her mother tongue. Well I will crack this puzzle soon because I have plenty of time for these petty issues. I was happy to know that some more people have the courage to take the stand and I am currently The Last Samurai, in context of that project.

SA: MTA(Nickname) come here.

SA(to MTA): Now you take the responsibility of these matters yourself and don’t send people to me. GO frame a mail explaining the whole situation about these guys, and send it to X HR and mark Y HR on it. Demand for strict disciplinary action i.e. Force Leave.

MTA( to me): OK, now HR will give you a call, and you need to have a word with them.

Me: Please update my number, as you always call me on my roaming number.

I made her update my number, get out of the grilling chamber, and never expected a call from HR today, because I knew these guys are apathetic.

Now I expect a call tomorrow, if it comes I will write my next blog under Profo category or else we will move to Kerela again.

Today’s quote has been provided by my friend who also had some strange experience with allocations people at Delhi, so here it goes.

These allocations people are worst people of this world.  My Friend*



*The one who must not be named, else I will not be able to tweet again, forget about blogging.


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