Power of Rejection

Well contrary to my initial beliefs and the supportive statements made by the guy from allocations department of my firm, I got a project call today, that too from the account of largest mobile phone company of the world. Ohh my, I was a happy guy then, luckily I was on the railway station itself (I thought of going in the noon previously) and within one hour I was at Sipkot, one of the largest IT parks in India.

But they say in this mean world no one can tolerate too much happiness, alas it  was a project of production and support. Moreover after listening to the job profile you can’t consult with anybody, you have to say yes or no then and there. It’s famous about my firm that seldom anyone gets a project within 3 days of joining the *home office*, but I got one but not the one which would be in accordance to my likings, so the lucky one got screwed up.

Once I am screwed I will screw, the basic tactics that I have adopted from holly-wood movies was the next card I played. The project manager was pretty much confident that all the new guys and gals (How can I forget the Vizag girl, green dress and brown eyes) will reply in an affirmative tone, and he arranged an initial induction session quickly, but in the middle of that boring session I used the aforementioned power , and then the facial expression of Mr. PM reminded me of these lines:

Smoke on the Water, a fire in the sky. Deep Purple

Now I have a session with an allocations girl tomorrow, perhaps she will grill me or at least pretend to do so for rejecting one of the best projects in the company because it is their per-recorded term, and after all every rejected thing has a value, but I am felicitous because she is a Miss and nice one (Courtesy Facebook).

At the end of the day I am Resting in peace and rejection is not fatal, exceptions excluded.

*Name Changed to hide the identity of the victim.


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