Tough Decision

As usual it is a Saturday so I have nothing to do, frankly speaking I had nothing to do in this whole week except for some petty issues like dish washing and some deliveries. I have done only one brave thing this week, that is deactivating my facebook account, which I hope will will be reactivated in a span of 1 or 2 days.
Till then BLOG and TWEET.


What is Success

Success: The favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.
The definition given above is from a popular online dictionary, but what actually is success? I have seen some forms of success, which are:

For a three month old, holding the finger that is pointed towards him/her is success.

For a six month old, crawling toward the toy which accidentally got away from his/her hand is success.

For a one year old, taking his first steps and making to the open awaiting arms of his/her mama is success.

For his/her daddy, capturing this moment into his camera is success.

For his/her granny announcing this incident to anybody and everybody is success.

For a two year old, telling his/her mama that he/she needs to pee or stool, and not relieving in his/her diapers is success.

For a three year old writing  A to Z and 1 to 10 is success.

For his/her teacher making him/her sit in the class, without a cry is success.

For a five year old sharpening his/her own pencils is success.

For a seven year old, riding his/her bicycle without support wheels is success.

For a nine year old, making a messed up artifact in summer camp is success.

For the mother of a 12 year old girl, explaining her daughter about menstrual cycle is success.

For 14 year old schoolboys winning a friendly cricket match against the other section is success.

For a 15 year old girl ignoring the boys of her class which she used to be friends with, only because she knows that now she has become a teenage beauty, is success.

For a 15 year old boy, announcing that he has a crush on the aforementioned girl and none of his friends will stare at that girl, is success.

For a 16 year old girl, getting rid of a pimple is success.

For a 16 year old boy, getting a bike from his daddy is success.

For a 17 year old girl, 6 boys followed her scooty to physics tuition is success.

For a 17 year old boy, even if he didn’t understand a single word in chemistry coaching class, but the hottest girl of the batch was sitting next to him on that day, is success.

For a 18 year old college freshman, being ragged less than his/her mates is success.

For a 19 year old 2nd year girl, changing her look completely just because she is a senior now and wants to get noticed, is success.

For a 20 year old boy, proposing the girl he likes in the middle of a crowded jam session of their college fest is success.

For the same girl, saying no, and yet making an impression that she is a good friend of that boy, is success.

For the friend’s of this boy, making their friend drink till the next dusk, and promising him that they will find a new girl for him is success.

For a 21 year old not taking part in an activity, but getting a winner certificate with the help of his/her friends is success.

For a 22 year old, getting his/her first campus placement is success.

For a performer, listening to the chants of his name from the whole crowd, on his last performance, even before it is started is success.

For a 22 year old, before leaving the college saying sorry to most of the people for his/her misdeeds, is success.

For 22 year olds, clicking maximum number of pictures on farewell party and posting them quickly on their social network accounts is success.

For all the juniors of a super senior, getting a booze party from him is success.

For a pass out making a guess on date of joining on which at least 2 people agree to him, is success.

For a first time joiner, after the joining comes booking cheapest flight tickets is success.

For co-joiners making someone else realize that they have missed some important document, which they have brought is success.

For me I am still finding out what is success, I will update this post when I will turn 23, and then 24, and as my life will continue riding the ladder of age, I will update.

David Frost once said: Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.


All the characters described in this post are fictitious but yet after reading the remainder of this post, the reader may find a striking resemblance between reality and the concept described below.

Plot: It is an extract of the conversation between two Indian teens aged 14, one is the grandson of an elite Indian politician and the other is a lad of a Subedar(Sargent) in Indian Army. The topic of  their colloquy is the world renown Kashmir problem that exists between India and Pakistan. This is how they concluded their discussion.

Politician’s kid:

” Janaab, dosti saza hai, ab toh dushmani me hi maza hai;

Kashmir pe har Hindustani ka haq hai, isme naa koi shuda nahi shaq hai”

Army-person’s kid:

“Garr dosti saza hai, toh isime maza hai;

Jo hoti ye dosti Hind Pak ke darmiyan, to is saza ko seh kar bhi hum khush hote;

Kyunki phir mere pita toh ghar hote.”

Grilling Elaborated

In continuation to my previous post entitled Power of Rejection, I am presenting here the embellished and garnished version of my encounter with the allocations girl who was and is a management rookie by designation. The whole conversation went on the same track, I predicted it would go. There are three main characters in the story, Me, the allocations girl (MTA), and her supervisor(SA).

At 11 I went inside the allocations room, interrogated about the whereabouts of  MTA, and bang I was there at her desk.

Me: Hi, you called me yesterday and asked me to report at 11.

MTA: What’s your name, are you  a trainee ?

Me: Ishaan Arora, Trainee.

MTA: Ok, come back after one hour, I have a meeting now.

When I left the room there were two thoughts in my mind, why on this already polluted and corrupted planet did she call me at 11 when she had a predefined appointment; and Who made the photoshop,because in her FB profile she was looking cute and in reality she was nowhere near to a suave persona. So after one hour:

Me: Hi.

MTA: Can I know why you rejected yesterday’s project?

Me: I don’t wanna be in that particular typo stuff. I wanna code, I left a job where my office was at a distance of 2 KM from my home, and I used to get annually INR 1,00,000 more  than my current salary. I grasped J2EE in a month and implemented a dummy using it during my training days, about which I didn’t know a bit before. It is just because of my love for coding I said no to my previous job.

MTA: This is not the way we work in here, even when I joined I wanted a recruiter position, but I am here(stuck) in allocations for two years. We should take up every opportunity and prove ourselves in that, then we will be worthy of demanding for the work that we would like to do. So, I want you to go and report to the manager you met yesterday, and embrace the rejected thing.

Me: Sorry I understand but I can’t take up this particular typo, I will accept coding in any form, and in any shift.

She hung her gloves and redirected me to her supervisor, who looks like a Zombie in broad daylight.

Same questions were asked and same answers were used to counter them.

SA: If you don’t report to that manager today, we will put you on hold i.e. Forced Leave, No Salary.

Me: I want coding, I can wait for it.

SA: We can’t, we don’t have any coding stuff. Either accept this or go on leave.

Me: Gimme some time to think over it, I will revert on Monday.

SA: You have time till 4 o’clock today, go now and report to me then.

Me: OK, …..sigh sigh sigh sigh…., I don’t wanna be a part of this thing.I will come everyday and mark my attendance here.

Then she made a call to an HR, explaining all the stuff and saying that 4-5 people are saying no to a project because it is of a particular type, and then she discussed something in Tamil. What I couldn’t figure out that why she was boiled up while speaking in English and why the temper converted into a laugh when she switched to her mother tongue. Well I will crack this puzzle soon because I have plenty of time for these petty issues. I was happy to know that some more people have the courage to take the stand and I am currently The Last Samurai, in context of that project.

SA: MTA(Nickname) come here.

SA(to MTA): Now you take the responsibility of these matters yourself and don’t send people to me. GO frame a mail explaining the whole situation about these guys, and send it to X HR and mark Y HR on it. Demand for strict disciplinary action i.e. Force Leave.

MTA( to me): OK, now HR will give you a call, and you need to have a word with them.

Me: Please update my number, as you always call me on my roaming number.

I made her update my number, get out of the grilling chamber, and never expected a call from HR today, because I knew these guys are apathetic.

Now I expect a call tomorrow, if it comes I will write my next blog under Profo category or else we will move to Kerela again.

Today’s quote has been provided by my friend who also had some strange experience with allocations people at Delhi, so here it goes.

These allocations people are worst people of this world.  My Friend*



*The one who must not be named, else I will not be able to tweet again, forget about blogging.

Power of Rejection

Well contrary to my initial beliefs and the supportive statements made by the guy from allocations department of my firm, I got a project call today, that too from the account of largest mobile phone company of the world. Ohh my, I was a happy guy then, luckily I was on the railway station itself (I thought of going in the noon previously) and within one hour I was at Sipkot, one of the largest IT parks in India.

But they say in this mean world no one can tolerate too much happiness, alas it  was a project of production and support. Moreover after listening to the job profile you can’t consult with anybody, you have to say yes or no then and there. It’s famous about my firm that seldom anyone gets a project within 3 days of joining the *home office*, but I got one but not the one which would be in accordance to my likings, so the lucky one got screwed up.

Once I am screwed I will screw, the basic tactics that I have adopted from holly-wood movies was the next card I played. The project manager was pretty much confident that all the new guys and gals (How can I forget the Vizag girl, green dress and brown eyes) will reply in an affirmative tone, and he arranged an initial induction session quickly, but in the middle of that boring session I used the aforementioned power , and then the facial expression of Mr. PM reminded me of these lines:

Smoke on the Water, a fire in the sky. Deep Purple

Now I have a session with an allocations girl tomorrow, perhaps she will grill me or at least pretend to do so for rejecting one of the best projects in the company because it is their per-recorded term, and after all every rejected thing has a value, but I am felicitous because she is a Miss and nice one (Courtesy Facebook).

At the end of the day I am Resting in peace and rejection is not fatal, exceptions excluded.

*Name Changed to hide the identity of the victim.


Well, its been too long since I posted my blog. Ahaan, I was in Trivandrum for about 3 months, from November, 2010  to January, 2011. At first I thought  and realized that moving from Noida to Trivandrum was the biggest mistake of my life, as no freedom of speech at the new company was choking me to death. 

But as time moved on, the whole Kerela phase turned out to be a nice experience. Initial Learning Program (ILP) as my employer, Asia’s Largest IT Consultancy has named is really an awesome program to incorporate learning. Well for me I learnt two seperate things, J2EE(Big brother of Core Java*) a technology I always ignored during my well-earned B.Tech degree because earlier I always considered myself unfit for Java, and I discovered a hidden side of my behavior that helped me to make new friends and regain lost ones.

I will try to write about every single trip I had and every single party that was held in room number 306 of Aruvi Tourist home, in the upcoming posts. I hope this time my blogging will not discontinue, because as per the custom of my employer, I am the part of biggest team(Bench Strength), who have plenty of time to write 15 blogs in a day. 

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Indian Army

*SORRY for Technical Jargon, but I hope these are well-known terms, else Java